How to add an online booking to your website

When all the online booking settings have been completed, install the online booking widget on your website. There are several ways to add a button. Read more about settings below in the contents list and select the best option for your branch. 

1. How can you add the button by Altegio (for online booking)

Here you can learn how to set up a standard round button with the Online booking header. The color, animation, and location of the button can be edited and customized.  


2. Adding a custom button

This option suits companies that have already customized an online booking button design. An online booking form will be opened by clicking it.

3. Online booking inside the page as block

This option is the best for companies that want to embed an online booking form as an interface element. The booking form will be immediately visible on the page, and not in the pop-up window when you click the button, as in previous versions. 

4. Separate online booking forms for each employee or service

This option suits you if each employee or service has a separate page with a description and you need to place the "Book" button on it.

5. Several online booking widget buttons on one website page