Setting services in the mobile app

Service and employee settings can be set both in the web version of Altegio and in the mobile application. All data is automatically synchronized. 

If in the web version you have already created services and categories of services, employees, set up a work schedule and started booking, then you can see all of this in the mobile application. At the same time, you can also create, configure, edit and delete services and employees data in the mobile application.

What is it and what is it for?

In this section all the services that the company provides are configured.

Services are any type of activities, works and tasks performed by the company's employees and for which they receive money.

Examples of services: haircut, manicure, quest "In search of treasures", cardiologist consultation, abdominal ultrasound, engine replacement, contact washing, group judo class, individual aerobics class.

All services are divided into categories.

Category is a section (folder) with several types of similar services or works.

Example of categories: haircuts, coloring, consultations, quests, body repair.

Creating categories and services

1. Go to the main menu, use the upper left sidebar with three stripes IMG_6016.jpg

2. Go to the Services section.

3. To add a new category of services, click the + button in the upper right corner.

4. In the newly opened window indicate the name of the category and click the Create a category button.

5. Then a window for creating a new service will be instantly opened.


Fill in the information about the service:


  • Service name. This name will also be seen by customers when booking online. 
  • Price from and Price to. If the service cost does not need to be specified in the range, put the same price in each field. 
  • Duration. This duration will be selected by default when attaching services to employees. If necessary, different durations can be set for employees. 
  • Check the Available for online booking box so that customers can book an appointment online. If you do not check the box, customers will not be able to book the service online, but it will be possible to book it in the Appointment calendar manually.
  • Comment. In this field you can add a detailed description of the service. Tell your clients about the features of the service: materials, benefits and other information that will help the client make a choice. This description will be seen by the client during online booking. 
  • Upload a photo. To upload, click the button with the image of a pencil. The recommended image size is 340 x 140 px. Maximum file size: 12 mb.

6. Click the Create a service button. 

To add a service to a created category:

1. Click the folder with the category name.


2. To add a new service, click the + button in the upper right corner.

3. Fill in the information about the service.

4. Click the Create a service button.

Editing categories and services

Created categories and services can be edited and deleted. 

To edit, go to the main menu, use the upper left sidebar with three stripes IMG_6016.jpg.

Then go to the Services section.

To edit/delete a category:

1. Click the button with the pencil image next to its name.


2. Change the category name, then click Save.

3. To delete a category, click the trash button in the upper right corner.

To edit/delete a service:

1. Click the folder with the category name.

2. Click the button with a pencil image next to the name of the service.

3. Edit the information about the service

4. Click Save

5. To delete the service, click the trash button in the upper right corner.

After adding categories and services, add employees. See the details in the article.