Separate online booking forms for each employee or service

Use this instruction if you want to create separate booking links for each employee or service. For example, if each employee or service has a separate page with a description and you want to place the Online booking button on it.


1. Read the instructions for setting an online booking with customized buttons.

2. Create a separate widget for each button. Choose a step by step option and at the first step put the required parameter (service or employee).

3. Open the online booking widget in a separate window and select an option (service or employee). Copy the link from the address line and replace the value in the code of a customized button (as shown in the picture).

4. For each button, create your own value by indicating in it the employee ID and/or service ID and the parameters that are responsible for their selection.

Parameters are passed in the address line:

  • Service Parameter - s
  • Employee Parameter - m

For example, for a booking form where an employee ID is 299751, the service ID is 1682896, the value will be as follows:


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