Adding an online booking to Google Sites

In order to install the online booking widget in Google Sites, register on or log in if you already have a Google account.

Button setup

1. Create a new site (click Create, select an option in the updated interface) or go to an existing site if you have previously worked with Google Sites.


2. In the website editor click Embed (on the right sidebar).

3. In the pop-up window select the Embed code tab. In the input field add the code for the online booking button.

Where can I find the button code?

In the Altegio main menu go to Online booking > Online booking widget.


Select the required form, go to the Button settings tab, and be sure to check the Button activation box.


Then go to the Button code tab. Copy this code and paste it on Google Sites


4. Make a change to this code: add the defer attribute and click Next.


5. When online booking button is displayed, click Insert.

6. In the site editor move the button to select a location on the site. Click Publish.