Setting online booking in the mobile app

There is a possibility to set an online booking widget in the Altegio mobile application. Users will be able to quickly create a new widget or edit an already created one right in the app.

With the help of online booking, your customers can choose an employee and a convenient time, and book the service themselves on your website, via social networks, Google Maps and other platforms

You can create as many forms as you like: general for the whole company, for a separate group of services or for a specific specialist.

How it works

To set up an online booking, go to the Online booking section in the main menu and click the Go to settings button. If you have already set up an online booking in the mobile app, a selection of possible settings will be immediately opened. 

In the Online booking section, you can:

  • Create and configure a new online booking form.
  • Edit or delete an already created form.
  • Configure additional parameters for online recording.
  • Edit company information.
  • Configure the booking steps.
  • Set up an online booking button for your website.

Setting online booking form

1. To create a new online booking form, go to the Online booking section and click Go to settings. If you already have widgets created earlier, click the button with the plus sign image.

2. In the opened window enter the Online booking form name. This name will only be seen by internal Altegio users.

3. Check the Make the form main box if you want to use this form on online platforms and as the chain online booking form.

4. Below you can configure the parameters (Main Settings) that will be applied to all forms created in the location.

  • Additional locations/places in the event. This function is relevant for group events. With its help, when booking for a group event, it becomes possible to take several seats/places for one client. This option will allow customers to book a group event for themselves and friends or family members without having to create multiple bookings for each visitor.
  • Delay before next slot. Indicate what time before the start of the visit the client will not be able to book an appointment.
  • Request your clients to confirm their phone number with an SMS code. Check the box if you want the client to be able to complete the booking only after confirming his phone number. This function allows to avoid creating invalid and test bookings.

To send SMS, you need to connect an SMS aggregator. You can see the list of partners following the link.

5. When all settings are done, click the Create Form button.


After creating an online booking form, you can copy the link to it, delete the created form (only additional forms are available for deletion), edit the Main Settings (see step 4 above), Information about the company, configure the Booking Steps and customize Button on a website.

To do this, click the name of the form and select the required section.

Information about the company

Upload the logo (recommended resolution – 500 x 500 px, file size – no more than 12 mb), add contact details (address, phone number), company info and contacts of social networks and messengers.


Booking steps

Set the order of actions that the clients will perform when booking online. For example, the first to select is the date and time of the visit, and then the service and the employee.

The settings of the bookings steps are similar to the settings in the web version, you can read more in the article.

  • When creating a new online booking form in the mobile application, the default booking format will be Menu.
  • When changing the booking format, the following scenarios are available: Menu, Step-by-Step and Short step-by-step.
  • For an already created booking form the order of steps that is set by the user will be displayed. If there is no form yet, the order – Choose an employeeChoose a serviceSelect date and time will be selected by default. The order of steps can be changed in the settings. If necessary, the steps can also be hidden.
  • If the Choice of any employee option is enabled, the clients will not be able to choose an employee themselves, the system will select any available employee randomly.
  • If the Default Employee option is enabled, the employee will be preselected. When you check this box, you need to select an employee from the list which will get all online bookings.
  • If the Default Service option is enabled, the service will be preselected. When you check this box, you need to select a service from the list, which will be automatically selected in the online booking widget.

Customizing a button on a website

1. In this section you can:

  • Enable/disable the button on the pages of your site.
  • Adjust the button location.
  • Adjust the widget location.
  • Change the button color.
  • Enable/disable button animation.

2. After changing the settings, click To get the code.

3. Copy the code via the Copy button or send it to your developers via the Share button.

The button settings in the mobile app are similar to the settings in the web version. See more details here

Online booking can also be configured in more detail in the web version of the program.