Adding an online booking to CMS UMI

To connect an online booking widget log into the FTP server where the site files are located.


1. Install FileZilla

2. Open FileZilla.

3. Enter the data for the FTP server:

  1. FTP address
  2. Login
  3. Password
  4. Port
  5. Connect

Where can I find the button code?

Get the Altegio button code for the site (read more here), copy the required code. 

Addding the button code to a file

Insert the button code into the "content.xsl" file, but to do this, download it first.

It is located at:


  1. Right-click on file
  2. Download

Open the file with a text editor (in that case it is "Notepad++") and enter the script code in the file. If you attach the script to a specific button, add the code "<a href="#" class="ms_booking"> </a>" before the script.

Save the file and upload it back to the server.