Integration with Google Analytics


How to activate integration? 

1. Copy the number of the property or application in Google Analytics, in Google it is called the tracking identifier. The format is XXXXXXXXX.


2. Connect Google Analytics to the online booking form. 

   2.1. Go to the Online booking > Online booking widget.


   2.2. Select the form which Google Analytics will be activated for. Usually it is activated either for all forms, or for some that are used in social media, newsletters and on websites, i.e. for those forms that are visible to clients.

   2.3. Open the form by clicking its name.


2.4. In the form settings open the Analytics tab.

2.5. In the Google Analytics field enter the copied tracking ID.

2.6. Click on the Save button.

3. In Google Analytics create goals that will be tracked.

   3.1. Go to Google Analytics

3.2. Go to the required property or application.

3.3. In the menu select the Admin section.

3.4. In the View column, select Goals.

3.5. Click the + GOAL button.

3.6. In the Goal setting select Custom. Click Next.

3.7. In the Goal description specify the Name and Type as Event. Click Next.

3.8. In the Goal Details specify Action as an event identifier (you need an identifier in Latin, for example: booked).

3.9. Leave the Category field empty.

3.10. Click the Save button.

How to test integration?

Google Analytics shows a conversion after a time delay. Therefore, for quick testing whether the forwarding is configured correctly, you can use the Realtime report, the Events (if there are no goals), or the Conversion (if there are goals) sections. Perform desired actions in the form of online bookings on the website or in the social networks and see if an event or goal conversion appeared in the Realtime report section.