Adding an online booking to CMS Nethouse

To connect an online booking widget, log into the Nethouse platform.


1. Install Google Tag Manager.

2. Open GTM tag

3. Go to the Tags section and click the New button.

4. Specify a tag name, for example, Altegio, and select the Tag Configuration section.

5. Choose tag type - Custom HTML.

6. In the tag settings, in the HTML field paste the Altegio button code. Instructions for requesting the button code in the article

7. Select the Triggering section, check the All pages box and click the Add button.

8. Now click the Save button.

9. The button code for the Altegio online booking button is posted on the site. The Altegio online booking tag has been created, now you need to publish it on the site. To do this, click Submit - Publish and Create Version

10. The service is installed on the site. Settings and payment are carried out in the Altegio control panel.