Merge into chain and chain staff unification 

What is it and what is it for?

In order not to configure the same employees in each location, you can configure them once in the chain interface or in one of the locations, and then make the employee chain or combine the same employees.

How to make an employee chain 

The first way

Create an employee in the chain interface in the StaffStaff section. In the Locations tab, check the boxes next to all locations where the employee works. For more information read the article: Setting chain staff.

The second way

To transfer an employee from a location to the chain, go to the Staff – Merge into chain section.

1. Select the location where you want to transfer the employee from.

2. Select the employee (you can also transfer all employees that are not in chain at once, to do this, select 3. Transfer everything).

4. Select Transfer without merging.

5. Select the position of the employee.

6. Click the Transfer (reschedule) button.


Employees unification

There may be a situation when the same employees from different locations appear in the chain interface. Such employees can be combined into one using the Merge button.

1. Select an employee from one location, make it the chain one.

2. From another location select the employee you want to merge. Select the chain employee you want to merge.

3. Specify where the employee main settings are taken from: from the employee settings in the chain or from the employee settings in the location.

4. Click the Merge button.



Attention!!! Unification of employees is an irreversible operation. It can not be canceled!