Setting chain positions

What is it and what is it for?

A position is a group of employees performing similar types of work or services. For Example: Stylists, Makeup Artists, Cardiologists, Tutors.

Positions are needed for internal use, they can be used to filter employee data in different sections of Altegio, for example, when setting up a work schedule or payroll. This setting is also convenient for companies with a lot of employees: you can use it to display the schedule of employees by position.

Setting and editing

1. In the chain interface go to the Staff – Positions section and click the Add a position button.


2. In the pop-up window, specify the name of the position, its description and select locations where it is valid.


3. In the Settings tab, select whether it is necessary to fill in the required fields for employees before assigning them to the position being created. This may be convenient for the correct management of personnel records: the location manager will not be able to assign an employee to the position after passing the probationary period without specifying the information necessary for hiring, such as, for example, TIN and passport data.In addition, you can allow the employees to assign positions only in the chain interface to avoid mistakes in individual locations.


4. Go to the Set of services tab to attach a strictly related list of services to the position.


5. Click the Attach services button, select services and click the Apply button. At the same time, the specified list of services will be attached to any employee when hiring for this position. Please note that only chain services can be attached to the position.


6. If necessary, specify the duration of the services provided as well.  In order for the duration to be automatically specified in the settings of the employee for the created position, check the Save with duration settings box.

7. When all the settings are done, click the Save button.