Setting chain users

What is it and what is it for?

The user is an employee of the company who has access and certain rights in Altegio.

Altegio user can be any employee of the company (owner, manager, administrator, master, accountant, etc.) Depending on the role of the employee, you need to configure different access levels.

The unique identifiers of the user are Email and phone number.


To add and configure a New and/or Existing user, go to Settings – Users in the chain interface.


It is necessary to understand the difference between new and existing users.

A new user is a user who has not been added to Altegio before and has never booked online.

An existing user is a user who has already been previously added to Altegio.


New user

Go to the Settings – Users section, click Add a new user, in the newly opened window fill in all the fields and click the Save button.


Existing user

Go to the Settings – Users section, click Invite one of the users.  Enter the user's phone number or Email (the one used to sign in to Altegio) and click the Invite button.


After users are added and/or invited, configure access rights for them (abilities when using Altegio). The user's rights may be determined by the job duties and may be related to the display/hiding of certain sections of Altegio and the sufficient/insufficient access to various functions. The access rights setting is designed for the convenience of users and to ensure the security of the company and information, for example, the client database.