Products archivation in chain

What is it and what is it for?

  • Archiving products in the chain allows you to hide products list in the interface, clean the product list in all locations where the product was added, and at the same time save statistics in reports.
  • Not only a single product can be archived, but also a category of products.
  • Archived chain products cannot be restored in the location interface.
  • Archiving is included in the product cycle: Active <-> Archived -> Deleted. The product can either be restored or deleted from the archive.

NB! Gift cards are not archived at the moment.

Where to find

 Archived goods will be located in the chain interface in the InventoryProducts section.


How to archive a category or product

  • To archive a category of products, go to the chain interface (Inventory — Products section) and start editing the required category.  



  • To archive a single product, go to the product card. 



  • You can archive several products at once. Select the desired category, check the boxes next to the product names, click the Archive selected button.


How to restore or delete an archived product

To restore or delete an archived product, go to the Inventory — Products — Product Archive section in the chain interface. 

Select the product you want to restore or delete and click the appropriate button.