What tasks are solved by chain analytics and the client database?

The chain analytics and client database system helps to solve the following problems:

1. Inconvenient newsletter sending to clients from several locations.

One client could visit different locations and receive the same messages several times.

2. The inability to analyze the client database and find really lost or new customers.

Even if the client stopped visiting one of the locations, he could start going to another and did not become lost for business. Now the clients of all locations are displayed in one section with a single visit history and summary data. As before, it is convenient to filter and group them by different criteria.

3. The inability to get statistics of the basic metrics only on the basis of unique customers.

The chain analytics module displays the average spend, total earnings, average occupancy, dynamics of bookings and revenue, combined from all locations into consolidated indicators. And you can independently merge locations into different chains, which allows you to conduct a deeper analysis.

4. The inability to view statistics on the work of chain employees.

If the same employee works in different locations, you can view summary statistics for all shifts from different locations.