Referral program

Referral program

There are two types of spaces in Altegio: locations and chains. Locations — with yellow highlight on the left, chains — with purple highlight on the left. Locations and chains have different sections. 

To open the chain you need to do the following:

  1. Click the name of the location in the top left corner.
  2. In the drop-down list select the desired chain.


Creating a program

To create a referral program in the chain interface go to Loyalty > Referral program section.


1. Select a promotion with a fixed discount that will apply to the first visit of the invited person (manual on how to create said promotion can be found in this article).

2. Select a promotion with a fixed cashback that will be used to accrue bonuses to the inviting client (manual on how to create said promotion can be found in this article).

3. Indicate when the bonus should be accrued: for the first visit only or for every visit.

4. Select a loyalty card type to which the bonuses will be accrued.You can indicate an existing card or create a separate card specifically for the referral program (manual on how to create a card type can be found in this article).


  1. Card for cashback accrual can be indicated only in the Loyalty > Referral program section.
  2. You shouldn’t assign a loyalty card type in settings of promotions for referral program.


Applying the discount


Invited client must be visiting the company for the first time.

You can apply the referral program discount in the visit in the Checkout tab. In the Loyalty field select Referral program, enter inviting client’s phone number and click the Save button. Discount for the new client will be shown in the payments table and the inviting client will receive bonuses automatically.


You can view information on all accruals made according to the referral program: what bonuses, when and in what amount were accrued to the clients. To view said report go to the Loyalty > Transactions section in the chain interface and set the filter to the accrual type.