Paying for the appointment using loyalty cards and promotions

You can apply referral program and loyalty cards in the Appointment when paying for products and services.

Payment using loyalty card

In the Appointment go to the Checkout section, find the Loyalty section. To use a discount assigned to a card just click it.


If promotion with cashback type is assigned to client’s card you can redeem maximum sum by clicking the card in the list or you can redeem part of the sum by clicking Partial payment button next to the name of the card selected:


In the new window enter the amount needed or select the amount suggested from the list and click Apply.


Specifics of payments by loyalty card

  • Only client whom the card was issued to can use the card;
  • When using more than one loyalty card in sequence the discount will be applied to the resulting amount.

Using referral program

Referral program discount is only applicable in the appointment of your new (invited) client in the Checkout section. In the Loyalty section open the Search by code and other payment methods section, select Referral program in the list:


Enter the phone number of the client who invited your new client and click the check mark. Discount for your new client will appear in the payments table and the inviting client will receive bonuses automatically.

Specifics of applying referral program

  • You can apply loyalty card only in the appointment of the invited client;
  • Invited client must be visiting this location for the first time. If this client had already visited this location then the referral program button will not appear for the second appointment even if this client didn’t participate in the referral program earlier.