Archiving membership types in chain

Now you can archive outdated membership types which will allow you to transfer them to a separate section and remove them from sale.

How it works

In the chain interface in the Loyalty > Membership types section two tabs appeared: Active subscription types and Archive of subscription types.


To archive a membership go to the active membership type and find the Archive button in the bottom right corner.


Archived membership types will be transferred to the Archive of subscription types tab. After the transfer archived memberships are removed from the list of products for sale.

To restore the membership go to the Archive of subscription types tab and click the action button on the right of the membership name.



  • Archive button will appear only after you sell the membership at least once.
  • You can archive any membership type, even if it was sold memberships and memberships with active balance.
  • Archived memberships are available for payment for services.
  • For archived Membership type (its sample) you can change balance and duration manually, as well as edit inventory transactions.
  • You can restore any membership archived even if there are no services in it (they were deleted).
  • Archiving membership type doesn’t affect analytics, statistics and history.
  • You can import samples of archived membership types.
  • Notifications will be sent for samples of archived membership types.