Automatic activation of membership

There is now an option of automatic activation of memberships in Altegio that allows you to activate membership after some time even if there was no first visit.

This new option is needed to avoid situations when someone is trying to use their membership after purchasing it a long time ago.

How it works

When creating or editing a membership type in the chain you’ll see a new field called Activate automatically on long non-attendance.

This option appears only if you select On first visit option in the Activate subscription field.

If you select ‘Yes’ in the Activate automatically on long non-attendance field then Activate from the moment of sale through (in) field will appear and you’ll be able to select when to activate the membership after sale.



  • After sale these new settings will not be blocked and you’ll be able to change them. Changes will apply to all memberships that weren’t automatically activated earlier.
  • For this setting date of sale is taken into account, not the date of inventory operation.
  • Date for automatic activation of membership will be calculated from the date of sale.
  • Membership that wasn’t sold will also be automatically activated. Unsold membership is the one there’s an inventory operation for but no payment.

Imported memberships:

  • This setting is applied to imported memberships as well.
  • If the import file contains the date of sale and if the membership needs to be activated based on the calculated date for automatic activation, then it will be automatically activated even if the status of the membership is Issued (logic of the Membership type has priority).

Default parameters:

  • Activate subscription — On first visit
  • Activate automatically on long non-attendance — No