Memberships import

If needed, you can upload a list of memberships from an Excel file.

Upload from Excel

Before uploading memberships make sure that the following is entered in Altegio:

  • Locations
  • Membership types
  • Clients (if you’re importing memberships assigned to clients)

To upload memberships from Excel go to the chain interface, open Loyalty > Memberships section and click the Upload from Excel button.


Please note that:

  • You can’t import memberships with a Separated balance;
  • If there’s more than one location then they need to be named differently.
  • Inventory transactions will not be created together with the import.
  • If an Excel file has at least one mistake then the whole file is considered invalid - valid lines will not be imported, and the file will not be uploaded at all. There must be no mistakes in the file for the import to be successful.
  • You cannot upload frozen memberships.
  • If there’s no storage for the sale of products then the file will not be uploaded.

Mandatory information about the membership

The Excel file must have the following information about memberships:

  • Location name. Must be the same as in Altegio.
  • Membership type. The name of the membership type must be the same as the membership type name in Altegio.
  • Remainder of sessions on membership. Must be a number or equal to zero. The remainder of the sessions cannot exceed the balance of the membership.

    If the subscription type contains the setting “Activate subscription: on sale”, then it is not necessary to specify the subscription status.

    The status is obligatory provided that the activation of the subscription is “From the first visit”.

Optional information about the membership:

  1. Owner’s phone number
  • Can be missing. In that case, then the membership number is mandatory.
  • If present, it must be indicated in the following format: country code + phone number without spaces and special symbols, i.e. 12125678904
  • If present, then the client with this phone number must exist in the client database. If during an import this client wasn’t found in the Client Database then this file will not be imported. 
  1. Membership number
  • Can be missing. Then the membership owner’s phone number must be indicated.
  • If present it must be unique. If there’s a membership with the same number in the file or in Altegio then the membership will not be imported as well as the file itself.
  • If present then the membership type must have Allow selling subscription without code setting switched on.
  1. Membership validity period
  • Can be left empty. Then the membership will have no expiration date.
  • If it’s not empty then it must be in the yyyy-mm-dd format.
  • It cannot be less than the date of the membership sale.
  1. Date of membership sale
  2. Membership status
  • Can be issued or activated. If activated then the expiration date will be calculated. If it’s not activated then the expiration date will be calculated according to the membership type settings.