Memberships sale

Memberships are sold in the same way that every product is sold: either in the appointment or through inventory operation with the Sale of product type.

Before sale create memberships types as well as perform products arrival to the Inventory to avoid receiving negative balance after the sale.

Sale in the appointment

Sale of membership is performed in the same way as sales of any other product. In the Status tab in the Add service/product section enter the name of the membership or select it from the list.

Difference between sales of memberships and sales of products is that for each membership sold you need to indicate its unique code. You will need to enter the code yourself. For instance, it could be the last 4 numbers of the client’s phone number. If your client buys their membership a few times a year then you can add month and year of sale to those numbers. Stated code allows you to leave this membership unassigned to a specific client. If the membership is purchased as a gift then another person will be able to use it.

You cannot change the number of memberships sold because each membership will have its own unique code. Additional memberships need to be added as another product.


Sale using inventory operation

Using this option you can sell a gift card either in the Appointment calendar or in the Inventory > Inventory operations section.


In the Appointment calendar you can perform sales of products without assigning them to a visit. Go to the payments for the day section and click the Sale of product button, Altegio will then transfer you to the transactions page where you will be able to sell the membership (read about inventory operations with the Sale of product type here). If you selected membership with a code then indicate the code manually or click the button _____________________115002599729_________________.png to generate the code automatically.

You can create the sale operation straight in the Inventory > Inventory operations section without using the Appointment calendar.


You can find the statistics for membership sold in the Inventory > Inventory operations section.