Boomerangme electronic cards

Boomerangme electronic cards are the digital counterpart of customer loyalty cards, designed to turn occasional customers into regular ones, increase customer retention, and save on SMS marketing campaigns.

The operational model implemented with these cards follows the "visit 10 times and get the 11th visit for free" principle. When used in conjunction with Altegio's functionality, stamp rewards for completed services are automatically recorded. Customers won't need to provide their phone number or present a physical card at the cashier.

You can configure the terms of your promotion in your personal account on the service. You can run up to 10 promotions simultaneously.

The service is available to customers from any country.


Advantages of Boomerangme:

  • Quick Transition from Physical to Electronic Cards Your customer database is imported into the system in a matter of minutes, followed by the distribution of electronic cards via SMS and email.
  • Loyalty Program Configuration in Minutes Create a loyalty program using a pre-designed template from our service collection. Simply customize it with your own terms and costs.
  • Free PUSH Notifications Instead of SMS Campaigns PUSH messages are free and unlimited.
  • No Equipment or Implementation Costs Reading customer loyalty cards and reward allocation are automated through integration with Altegio.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility Boomerangme service allows for delivering PUSH notifications to Apple devices. Given that 70% of users are on this platform, you can achieve maximum reach for your promotional PUSH campaigns.


Go to the Boomerangme website and click on the "Sign Up" or "Book a demo" button to submit a connection request.

To activate the integration, go to your service's personal account and navigate to the "Settings" - "Integrations" section, then select "Altegio".

Enter your Altegio login and password, and follow the further prompts

How to Issue an Electronic Card?

You can find information on how to issue electronic cards by following this link.


You can check the subscription fee on the Boomerangme pricing page.

Sending PUSH Notifications 

From your personal service account, you can send free PUSH notifications to all customers who have an electronic card installed.