Altegio & MesseDo ( SMS, Viber)

  1. The provider operates worldwide.
  2. Individuals, legal entities, and physical persons can connect.
  3. The provider accepts payments in euros, US dollars, hryvnia.
  4. The provider ensures the registration of the sender's national name, selection of options based on sender names.
  5. The provider provides support and assistance on all issues.
  6. 10 test SMS messages are provided after the account registration.


To work with the SMS provider MesseDo, go to the registration page and fill out the registration form (name or how to address you, phone number, email, account currency, password), and click the Register button.

Registration of the sender's name

  1. Log in with the username and password that you provided during registration.
  2. To register the sender's name, go to the Sender Name section, select All countries (for sending SMS to other countries worldwide).
  3. Fill out the information:
    - desired sender name: from 3 to 11 characters (inclusive) in Latin
    - name of the legal entity/individual entrepreneur
    - registration details of the legal entity/individual entrepreneur - TIN or EDRPOU
    - optionally, you can specify the subject matter of the SMS notifications
  1. The average time for agreeing on names is 1-2 weeks.
  2. For convenience and promptness, each platform user is provided with the default common sender name MeDo. Also, the provider's support specialist will contact you to clarify and select an appropriate thematic or common name for the registration period. This includes physical persons without a legal entity/individual entrepreneur.
  3. After approval/agreement by communication operators, you will see the status Approved in the sender name registry in the Sender Name section, and you will receive an appropriate SMS message confirming the approval of the name.

Obtaining a token in the MesseDo account

  1. In your MesseDo account, go to the Settings - SMS API section.
  2. Copy the token (you will need to add it to the Altegio account).
  3. Click the Apply settings button for Altegio.

Integration with Altegio

  1. In your Altegio account, go to the Settings - Notifications section.
  2. Select the MesseDo provider.
  3. Specify the Authorization Key (token) that was copied from the MesseDo account.
  4. Enter the SMS sender name approved by the provider.
  5. Click the Save button.


Actual rates can be viewed  on the website and in the View prices section of the MesseDo account.


  1. In the standard encoding, one SMS message consists of 70 characters when using Cyrillic. If the number of characters exceeds the limit for the length of one SMS message, the next part of the SMS is created (the SMS are combined, and the subscriber will receive one message): the number of parts of a specific SMS message will be indicated in the Send SMS section and in the statistics. Two parts (segments) of an SMS message can contain up to 134 characters, three - up to 201 characters, four - up to 268 characters, and so on.
  2. In the case of using the Latin alphabet, one SMS message can contain up to 160 characters; two parts of an SMS message - up to 306 characters, and so on.

Support and maintenance

Support is provided in the online chat on the website and in the MesseDo client account.

Rua Joaquim Antonio de Aguiar N 45 2 Esq,
Lisbon, 1070-150
Phone: +35 13 00509570