Altegio and Message.Help (WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber bots, Sms)

Message.Help helps businesses earn more money through the right interaction with customers in instant messengers

Since 2018, we have connected bots to 2000+ projects in 18 countries. We are chosen by beauty salons, barbershops, medical centers, car dealerships, fitness centers, real estate agencies and many other businesses from the service sector

What are the benefits of bots as part of the integration with Altegio:

  1. Decrease in the no-show percentage
  2. Increase in revenues due to the automatic work with «sleeping» customers database
  3. Cross sales — the bot will offer additional services to the customers
  4. Automatic operation with feedback in Altegio and Google Maps. Publishing only positive feedback
  5. SMS cost avoidance. Service messages will be sent via WhatsApp, SMS will only be sent if the customer's number is not connected to WhatsApp
  6. Convenient operation for administrators. Single window for processing messages from WhatsApp, Instagram (direct and comments), Telegram, Viber
  7. Statistics and reports for managers
  8. Making appointments directly via messengers
  9. Tools for creating bindings with amoCRM or Bitrix24. Not a single messenger client will be lost!

WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber bot features

  • The WhatsApp bot has a type link, which allows all mobile advertising traffic to run directly to it. Ad traffic can also be directed to Instagram Direct posts, the bot will respond to them. This can have a positive effect on the conversion rate of your advertising traffic
  • Bots instantly start dialogues for all requests coming in from various channels – WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber
  • Bots can answer all frequently asked questions, provide details about services, and send price lists through all popular communication channels – WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber
  • Bots can include an employee in the dialogue if they cannot answer a customer's question themselves, i.e. both the sales staff and the bot can work from the same WhatsApp number. This functionality is implemented as part of an internal messenger

Message.Help and Altegio integration capabilities

  1. Sign up for a session directly via WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. The bot allows you to go through all the appointment steps with the customer (selecting a branch, selecting a service category, selecting a service, selecting a master, selecting a date and time)


  2. One-click confirmation or cancellation via WhatsApp
  3. Notifications about creation, modification and deletion of appointment through WhatsApp
  4. Notifying customers of an upcoming visit directly via WhatsApp, regardless of how the customer signed up for the visit – via WhatsApp, via the Altegio widget or via the receptionist
  5. Receiving feedback from customers by requesting a rating score and feedback via WhatsApp with automatic publication of this feedback on Altegio. Various algorithms have also been implemented to collect positive reviews in Google.Maps
  6. Automatic reminders of the next visit for the customer at a pre-set interval
  7. Birthday greetings to customers if the date of birth is specified in the Altegio client card
  8. Bonus account balance enquiry

Connection within 5 minutes

  1. In your Altegio account go to the Integrations > Notifications and select the «Message.Help» application
  2. On the page that opens, click the «Connect» button

  3. Create your own bot in several steps or have the bot built by our staff
  4. Connect the bot and test it for a 3-days free trial period
  5. Switch the bot in combat mode!



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