Scaling in the mobile app

Within the Altegio mobile application, you'll find a convenient Appointment Calendar scaling feature that mirrors what's available on the web version. Users have the flexibility to tailor the calendar display to their preferences on their mobile devices.

In the "Scaling" section, you can fine-tune the following settings:

  1. Multiplicity
  2. Number of columns

To access this section, simply click on the upper right sidebar.


Multiplicity in Appointment Calendar

When working with the Appointment Calendar, whether in "Employees" or "Resources" mode, you can adjust the Multiplicity settings by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Scaling section.
2. Locate the option for "Slot length" and make your desired adjustments.

There are three possible multiplicities: 5, 10 and 15 minutes. By default the multiplicity is set to 15 minutes. To change the multiplicity, move the slider to the required position.

When the settings are changed, Appointment Calendar is reorganized in real time.

To apply the settings, click Save.

This setting applies to the following modes within the Appointment Calendar:

For "Employees":
- Day view.
- A week view filtered by employee.

For "Resources":
- Day view.
- Filtered by resource.

Number of columns in Appointment Calendar

Choose either the "Employees" or "Resources" mode.

Within the Scaling section, locate the option for "Number of columns."

By default, the number of columns is dynamically determined based on user access rights in the following manner:

- Users with access to the Appointment Calendar of a single employee have a default of 1 column.
- Users with access to the Appointment Calendar of multiple employees have a default of 3 columns.

The maximum allowable number of columns in the "Employees" mode is 5, while in the "Resources" mode, it is limited to 3.

If the location has fewer than 5 employees, you can still select 5 columns in the settings, but the actual number of columns displayed will be constrained by the number of available employees.

When you make adjustments to these settings, the Appointment Calendar updates in real time.

To modify these settings, simply move the slider to your desired position, and to apply the changes, click the "Save" button.

This setting applies to the following modes in the Appointment Calendar:

For "Day" mode:
- It applies to both "Employee" and "Resources" filters.

If you choose 5 columns in the settings, and there are more than 5 people at the location, a horizontal scroll option will appear.

Here are a couple of important points to note:

- When "Week" mode is selected, this setting is not displayed. If the user switches back from the “Week” mode to the “Day” mode, the number of columns will match the user's previously set value.
- If you select fewer columns in the settings than are currently displayed in the calendar, a horizontal scroll option will be available for navigation.