Weekly schedule in the mobile app

In the Altegio mobile application, you can view the Appointment Calendar in the Week mode. Employees and administrators will be able to check occupation for an extended period.

How it works

To open the weekly schedule: 

  1. Click the upper right sidebar IMG_6205.jpg.
  2. Select the Week mode.
  3. Select one employee from the drop-down list.
  4. Click the Select 1 Employee button. 


In the Week mode bookings are displayed schematically: the start and end times of the booking and the names of services without headings added. The colors of the booking correspond to the colors of the booking in the Day mode.


In "Week" mode, the calendar bookings are presented in a schematic format, showing the start and end times of bookings along with service names, all color-coded to match the Day mode.

In the lower section of the calendar, you can choose one of five weeks, and as you scroll through, the next five weeks become accessible.

To switch to another employee's schedule, click on their name in the upper right corner.

Within the weekly schedule view, you have the capability to open an appointment by clicking on a booking, as well as create new bookings or events. You can also adjust the calendar multiplicity.

Some important points to remember:
- In Week mode, you can only select one employee.
- Viewing the weekly schedule is not available in Resources mode.
- Users with limited access rights can only select themselves.
- If a user lacks permission to view previous days, a message indicating the restriction will appear in past weeks, but no past-day bookings will be displayed for the current week.
- If a week spans two months, only the first month will be shown beneath the date numbers.
- Weeks with no working days are displayed in gray, with a message informing you to set up the schedule, along with a "Set schedule" button when you click on them.