Import and export of the client database

The mobile application provides you with the option to import contacts from your device's phone book into Altegio or export your client database to your smartphone or tablet. 

• To import contacts into the client database, your user must have access rights to the "Client Database" section.

• For exporting contacts, your user needs rights such as "Show phone numbers and emails in the list of clients," "Download a list of clients in Excel," and "Show clients of all employees" in the "Customer Database" section.
• Access rights are configured in the web version under "Settings" > "System settings" > "Users" section, or in the mobile application under an employee's settings (access rights correspond to the web version).
• If you have a substantial number of contacts in your phone book, you may experience a brief waiting period while all the data is loaded.

Import and export steps:

1. Access the main menu using the upper left sidebar with three stripes.

2. Navigate to the "Clients" section.

3. Open the section menu by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, select "Export from phonebook" to import into Altegio or "Save to phonebook" to export from Altegio.

4. On the subsequent page, grant the Altegio application permission to access your contacts.

For Import:

- You will see a list of all your device contacts. Choose the desired contacts by selecting the checkbox or opt to download the entire phone book using the "Select all" button. If a selected contact has multiple numbers, specify which number you wish to import into Altegio.

For Export:

- Select the clients you want to upload or transfer the entire database by clicking the "Select all" button.

5. Click the "Import selected" button to transfer contacts to Altegio or "Export selected" to transfer contacts from Altegio to your phone book.

If the selected contact's number matches a client already in the client database, it won't be duplicated.

Additional Information:

- If a customer's first and last names are listed in different fields in the phone book, they will also be imported separately into Altegio. If both the first and last name are listed in the same field in the phone book, they will be imported into the "Name" field.

- If the "Last Name" field is disabled in your location's Appointment Calendar settings, upon importing a client, only the first name will be displayed. However, the last name, if specified in a separate field, will also be imported into the client database.

- To display the client's last name in the client database after import, you must enable the display of the last name in the web version of the program.