Implementing the Integration of Altegio with Kompaas IP Telephony

The seamless integration of Altegio with the virtual Kompaas platform enhances client interactions by offering efficient call routing and recording features, fully compatible with all Altegio services. Receive instant notifications within the Altegio interface for calls made through virtual Kompaas. Additionally, initiating a call automatically brings up the relevant customer's information card for convenience.

To begin the integration process, please register using the provided link on the website.

Integration Process

Access the chain interface in Altegio and navigate to the “Telephony” section. Here, locate and copy the telephony token for later use.

For a comprehensive guide on configuring IP telephony within the chain interface, refer to the article titled “Setting IP telephony in chain.”

Begin by logging into your Kompaas Personal Account, or if you haven't already, register at

If you see an infinite loader on the registration page, please click the Shopfront button in the upper right corner:

Next, click the Registration button in the upper right corner:

Next, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration.

Once logged in, proceed to the “API” section. In the navigation menu on the left, select the settings option.

Here, choose the virtual PBX you wish to use and paste the previously copied telephony token into the field labeled “Chain telephony token”.

Finalize the process by clicking "Save". This completes the integration setup.

Following these steps, the Altegio interface will display new sections under “Telephony” such as “Integration”, “Routing”, “Routes”, and “Calls”. Additionally, the integration status will update to “Integration connected”.

Configuration Instructions

To designate users who will receive notifications about incoming customer calls, navigate to the "Telephony" > "Routes" section.

Initiate the process by clicking on the “Add route” button. When prompted, provide the necessary details as follows:

Enter a Name for the route.
Click on 'Add', then select the appropriate user and location.
Specify the preferred location for storing the call history of this route.

After entering the required information, click the "Save" button to store your route settings.
To set up a route for handling incoming calls, navigate to the “Telephony” > “Routing” section and select the “Add a rule” button.

In the setup form, provide the following details:

Type”: Choose between 'telephone' or 'SIP'. If each location of your chain has its own distinct telephone number, select “Phone”. Conversely, if your chain operates with a common number (with location selection via a voice menu), choose “SIP”.
Identifier”: For individual location telephone numbers, enter the location’s phone number in the format 1ХХХХХХХХХ (omit the '+' sign). If using a common number (with location selection through a voice menu), input the short number of the virtual PBX subscriber. You can find subscriber numbers in your Kompaas Personal Account under “VATS” > “Settings” > “Number plan” > “Subscriber numbers”.
Route”: Select from one of the routes you previously created.

Finalize your routing setup by clicking the "Save" button.