Analytics in the mobile app

In the mobile app you can view several reports using which you can analyze financial metrics. 

Go to the Analytics tab and select one of the three reports:

  • End of day report (Z-report)
  • Daily report
  • Report for the period


End of day report or Z-report is generated at the end of each shift in order to collect the cash register and transfer all cash.

  • In the Overview tab you can view general information on receipt of funds during the day.
  • The Detailing tab displays information on each visit during the day.

You can filter the data by all employees or select one from the list.

Read more about the report in the article.

Daily report

This report provides information on all receipt of funds to the cash registers for the selected day. You can also view the dynamics of indicators in comparison with the previous day in the report.

There are following metrics:

  • Clients per day
  • Occupancy
  • Services booked
  • Services rendered 
  • Cash Receipts
  • Average spend

Unlike the Z-report the data cannot be filtered by employees, the report displays general data for the entire location.

Read more about the report in the article.

Report for the period

The Report for the period is similar to the Basic metrics report in the web version of the program. It summarizes information on all items of income and expenses for a certain period. A summary report for the last week is automatically displayed, but you can manually set any period. Read more about the report in the article.

The charts and graphs in the report are interactive, to view the information, click the desired metric.


You can also view data on the following metrics:

  • Earned.
  • Bookings.
  • Occupancy.