Mobile app integration with WhatsApp

You can go to WhatsApp chat with your client from the Altegio mobile app.

NB! To go to a chat with a client, the user must have the following access rights: Booking window - Access to the client’ data (to go from the booking window), Client database - Show phone numbers and email in customer list (to go from the client database), Client database - Show the phone number in the client’s card (to go from client card).


You can go to a chat with a client from three sections:

  • From the customer list in the client database
  • From the booking window
  • From the client's card

To go from the client database:

1. In the mobile app go to the main menu, using the upper left sidebar with three stripes IMG_6016.jpg

2. Open the Clients section.


3. Click the menu (three dots) next to the name of the selected client or in the client card and select Write in WhatsApp.


4. To go from the booking window:

  1. Go to the Schedule at the bottom.
  2. Click the booking you need.
  3. In the booking window click the WhatsApp logo button on the right of the client's name.

After clicking, a chat with a client in WhatsApp will be opened and you can start a conversation.