Book Now button on Instagram and Facebook

Altegio users can add a Book Now button to their Instagram and Facebook business accounts.

At the moment the Book Now button can be added in the countries with Facebook accepted currencies.

Adding the Book Now button on Instagram and Facebook

1. Open the Integrations > Online booking section and click the Connect button in the available Instagram or Facebook integration. 



2. During this step, select the online booking form for integration. The main form from the Online booking > Online booking widget section will be selected by default.


After selecting the form, click the Next button and then Activate button.


3. You will be redirected to the Facebook log in page and you will need to either log in using your account or create a new one.


Note: make sure you have a Facebook business account. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to register it on


4. Allow APPOINTMENTS Altegio app access to your page.


5. Connect the app by clicking the Continue button.

6. Confirm your settings, select your business account, select the Facebook page, connect Instagram profile and add Facebook Pixel and Ad Account.


7. Do not close the page until the app finishes connecting. Click the Next and the Done button.



8. Done! Now the Book Now button will appear on your connected Instagram and Facebook pages.

Note: the Book Now is a standard Instagram button and its name cannot be changed.



How to disconnect the button 

In the Integrations > Online booking section you can disconnect the available integrations by clicking the Set up button, then the Disconnect button.