General information regarding the migration to Altegio

General information about Altegio and answers to frequently asked questions


Altegio is a group of companies with offices in 5 countries on 2 continents. We are developing an ecosystem of digital services for business automation. Altegio is founded by partners and former YCLIENTS employees who were previously responsible for the company's business in Europe and South America.

The emergence of Altegio was preceded by the decision of the owners and management of YCLIENTS to focus on their operations in Russia and Belarus.


Because of this decision, a part of the team decided to create their own product, using their best experience and work practices. Independent and European. We focused on our European and Ukrainian customers and expanded the team with Ukrainian and European programmers, increasing our market competitiveness. We were able to quickly enter the market with the Altegio brand, which is a new and independent product.


Altegio's managing partners have resolved all potential issues with the owners of YCLIENTS about the copyright of the software. Altegio has the right to use the product previously written by the specialists who joined the newly formed company. The previously developed technologies were left with YCLIENTS, which in turn withdrew its claims of economic expansion into the European market. Altegio took over the responsibility and continues to serve customers who had already prepaid their YCLIENTS subscription.


Our level of customer service and technical support will also be maintained at a high standard. All of YCLIENTS's best practices will be adapted to Altegio's operating model.



Who owns Altegio and where is it located? How is it related to YCLIENTS?

Altegio is owned by partners and former employees of YCLIENTS who have been involved in business development and expansion in Europe and South America. Altegio is a group of companies registered in various countries including: Cyprus, Hungary, Ukraine, Brazil, and Armenia.

Altegio is an independent business that is not controlled or affiliated with YCLIENTS in any way. The two companies are developing independently of each other.


Where are Altegio's servers and IT infrastructure located? 

Altegio's infrastructure is housed in the Hetzner data centres in Germany. We use state-of-the-art servers for stable platform performance.


Is there a deadline for migrating from YCLIENTS to Altegio?

Starting June 1st 2022, YCLIENTS users from countries other than Russia and Belarus will be unable to enter the system and continue using it. They will be requested to immediately migrate over to Altegio. We recommend migrating in advance.


What is going to happen, in cases where the network and branches migrate to Altegio before the deadline, while some of the users do not?

Up until June 15th, these users will receive a message highlighting the need to migrate their account to Altegio. From June 15th, all of the accounts which did not migrate in time will be deleted. They will cease to exist in both YCLIENTS and Altegio.


How is Altegio different from YCLIENTS? Will I have to learn how to use the new system?

Currently, Altegio is the same as YCLIENTS in terms of its features and set of services, this was done to quickly adapt the existing clients of the similar program. Along with that, the product inherits the interface design, system configuration and management principles. To work with Altegio, one does not need to relearn everything and reconfigure the processes all over, we have designed everything with the convenience of the customer in mind.

In the future, Altegio will have unique features, profound localization for certain markets, and new integrations.


Will I keep all of my client data, history, bookings, and other information when I switch to Altegio?

All of the data will be migrated automatically in its entirety and without any losses. During the migration, all of the information will be copied to Altegio and after verification for consistency, it will be deleted on the YCLIENTS side. 


Will the general system settings be saved or will I have to redo them?

Yes, all of the system settings will be saved, you won't have to redo them.


Do I need to make changes to the online booking settings in Altegio?

You will need to replace the old links with the new ones with the domain from the Online Booking settings. For more information on setting up online bookings, see the relevant section of our Knowledge Base.


Do I need to change any settings to continue accepting online payments?

Online payments previously set up in YCLIENTS will continue to work in Altegio without any additional effort on your part. To continue accepting online payments via Stripe, you'll need to replace the old links in your settings with the new ones with the domain. You can learn more about setting up online payments via Stripe in the relevant section of our Knowledge Base.


Will my integrations continue to work?

All of your integrations will continue to work without any additional adjustments.

If you have an independently developed integration or one developed by an unofficial Altegio partner, you need to consult the API documentation and make the necessary adjustments.


Where can I download the Altegio app?

The Altegio mobile app is already available for download from the App Store and Google Play. 

We recommend installing the app as soon as possible.

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What additional advantages do I get from switching to Altegio?

Currently, it is the stable support of our integrations with our international partners: Stripe, Facebook, Instagram, and others. In the future, Altegio will get more opportunities to develop and localize the platform for specific markets and to attract partners for new integrations.


Do I need to notify my customers about switching to Altegio? Will the platform switch affect them?

Nothing explicitly changes in the user experience of your customers. Therefore, it is not necessary to inform your customers about the changes. But the decision to inform them is up to you.