Paying for Visits and Products via Links

Altegio now offers the ability to accept online payments simply by sending a client a link directly from the appointment window. In this article, we will discuss how payment by link works and how to set it up.

A payment link is a URL like that contains the data for paying for an appointment online. You can send this link to the client by any convenient method: SMS, Email, messengers, or social networks. After following the link, the client will be redirected to a secure web page where they can make a cashless payment.

Uses for Payment by Link

Remote Prepayment: For instance, if you need to send multiple links for different appointments, the links will not be connected.

Cashless Payment in the Salon: Clients can pay from their smartphones, an alternative to Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How it Works

After setting up the online payment system, the "Payment via Link" option becomes available. It can be toggled on and off in the "Finance" > "Cashless payment" section.

Select a Payment System: Choose your payment system and click "Connect".

Choose "Pay by Link": When paying for an appointment in the booking window, select "Pay via Link".

Copy and Send the Link: The link is automatically copied—send it to the client.

Client Pays: The client follows the link and completes the payment through any bank application.

If the option is enabled, you can copy the payment link in the appointment window under the "Appointment details", "Checkout", or "Status" tabs and send it to the client by any convenient method.

Payment Process

The link is valid for the specific appointment. Once "Copy payment link" is clicked, the link is copied to the clipboard and can be sent to the client at any time. The client can follow the link without restrictions. Upon following the link, they are redirected to the payment page, where a new payment is automatically created in the payment system, and the appointment is locked for 15 minutes. The client must click "Pay" and complete the payment within one hour. If the payment is not made within this time, they will need to follow the same link again to complete the payment. The link remains active until the payment is completed.

Partial Payment

Altegio also allows partial payment via link. To do this:

The administrator makes a partial payment in the Appointment Calendar by any method (loyalty points, cashback, cash, card, etc.) under the "Payment" tab. Click "Copy payment link" and send it to the client. The client follows the link and pays the remaining amount.

Selling Products via Link

You can also add products, including memberships and gift cards, to appointments for sale via link. To do this:

Open or create a new appointment.

Go to the "Status" tab.

In the "Add a product" field, enter the product name or SKU or select the product from the list and add it to the appointment.

Click "Copy payment link". If it's a new appointment, save it first and then reopen it.

Send the copied link to the client by any convenient method.

The client follows the link and makes the payment.

Important Notes

You cannot sell items/services with different taxation systems.

Payment link functionality is currently only available in the web version.

Selling products via link is only possible in the appointment window.

Partial payment is available for product sales via link.

The "Cashless payment" access right is required to display the payment by link button. Read more about setting up access rights in the related article.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the service price ranges from $50 to $100, can a link be sent for $50, and the remaining amount paid later? Yes.

Will the money from the client be received at the time of the visit? The money is received immediately, but the transaction report is tied to the appointment date.

Is fiscalization available for this payment method? The fiscalization request is sent to the payment system, depending on the online cash register settings.

Can a subscription/certificate be paid for via this function? Yes, in the appointment window.

What happens if the appointment is not paid within 15 minutes/hour? The appointment remains, and the administrator can manually process the payment or remind the client to pay online. The link remains active until payment is completed.

If a client pays for an appointment and wants to buy another service, can they pay for it the same way? No, if the appointment is paid, it cannot be paid again via the same link.