Step-by-step guide to placement in the marketplace

This article describes the step-by-step instructions for listing your service’s integration in the Altegio marketplace. Within the context of the marketplace, each integration is called an App.

STEP 1 — Create your first App

1. Gain access to a developer account. Follow this link to do so.
Note: you will only be able to access developer tools through the account you registered for this.

2. Create your first App for the marketplace in the developer Personal account.


STEP 2 — Integrate with the marketplace API

1. Implement a request to connect your application to the user's location account.

2. Implement the transfer of payment data from your service.

3. Implement webhook processing of integration disconnection on the Altegio side.

STEP 3 — Have your app go through moderation

It is necessary to undergo a moderation check to publish your app on the Altegio marketplace. After applying, there will be a “Publish” section in the app integration section with a check-list which will help prep the app for moderation.

Altegio’s employees will check the following in the frame of the moderation:

  • Correctly connects to the customer's location.
  • Transmits payment data.
  • Transmits data on chargebacks.
  • Correctly processes the disconnection and reconnection of integration.
  • Correctly processes the integration connection when a user is already registered in your system.

When you complete the development of integration with the Marketplace API and test the functionality of the integration on your side, fill out the checklist fields. The checklist has mandatory and non-mandatory fields to fill in, the “Send to moderation” button will become available after the mandatory fields are filled in.

Here you will find the detailed instructions on how to pass the application moderation.

Once Altegio has completed the validation and all detected errors have been eliminated, your integration will become available to users in the marketplace in the category of your choice.