Connecting the integration via the marketplace

How to connect the integration via the marketplace:

1. The user clicks “Connect” on the page of your application in the Altegio marketplace. 

2. Altegio will ask the user for permission to provide access to his personal account via API. After that, the integration can be connected by an API request from your side.

3. From Altegio, the user will be redirected to the url of the registration form in your service, which you specified in the application settings in the “Registration redirect url” field.

a. The salon_id GET parameter will be added to the url address of your registration form. The value of this parameter is the branch ID in Altegio.

4. After registering/authorizing on the side of your service, you will need to send an API request to connect the integration.

a. You must send a request within 1 hour after the user has agreed to provide access to his personal account in Altegio (sent to you on the registration page). If the request is sent later, you will receive an error and the user will need to re-connect the integration through the marketplace.

After sending the API request for connection, the integration with your service will be enabled in the personal account of the Altegio branch:

  • Your system user will be added to the client's personal account. You specify the system user ID in the application settings in the “User Id” field. You will be able to use the bearer token of this user to make requests to the branch API in accordance with the access rights you requested.
  • Events about changes in the branch will be sent to the webhook addresses you provided.
  • In case your integration is in the Notifications category, your API_KEY will also be added to the branch settings to send system notifications.

Best practices

It is recommended to send a request to connect the integration immediately after the completion of user registration on the side of your service. After that, you will have access to the branch API. Then you can use the API to pull up the necessary data about the branch, the user and make it easier for him to further configure the integration on your side.

Also, do not forget to foresee that a user already registered / authorized in your service can come to you from the Altegio marketplace. Send a request to connect the integration in the marketplace not only when registering, but when a user logs in to your service or when a user goes from the Altegio marketplace directly to your service personal account.

Please note

Automatic user registration in your system

To simplify the connection process of your integration, you can connect the transfer of user data upon connection. In this case, when connecting the integration, you will receive the user's data (name, phone, email) and automatically register him in your system without forcing him to fill out a form. According to our data, using this setting increases the connection conversion rate by 30-40%. More.

Connecting the integration to several branches at once

If your integration works with several Altegio branches, then connects the “Allow application to be added to several branches” setting. In this case, when connecting, the user will be prompted to select which branches he wants to install the integration. More.

Connecting and configuring iframe integration

You can connect the “Open registration form in iframe” setting. Then, when you click on the “Connect” registration page of your service it will open in the “Settings” tab in the card of your application in the marketplace. This significantly increases user confidence in your service. Interaction with your service takes place in the familiar Altegio interface. More.