Working with subscription payments in the marketplace

Transferring information about paying for a subscription to your service

When the integration is activated, your application will be connected to a branch with a trial subscription. You specify the duration of the trial subscription in your account in the “Monetization” section.

When paying for a subscription to your service, you will need to send payment information to Altegio via API for a description of the request to pay for a subscription API Documentation.

If by the end of the trial you do not provide Altegio with information about the payment for the subscription, then the integration will be automatically disabled within 24 hours.

Subscription payment details must be sent each time you pay for a subscription.

Auto-deactivate integration

Auto-disable integration means that:

  • You will no longer be able to access the API of the disabled branch.
  • Will stop sending events to the webhook addresses you specified.

Integration is automatically disabled in two cases:

  • If before the end of the trial subscription you do not send Altegio the information that the user has paid for a subscription to your service.
  • If by the end date of the previously paid subscription, information about the payment for the subscription for the next period is not transmitted.

Renewing a subscription

If the integration was disabled automatically, then upon receiving a request to pay for a subscription, it will be activated back — the system user will reappear in the branch, and your webhook addresses will be added to the branch again.

Paid Subscription Cancellation and Refund

To make a refund and disable integration for a branch office, you can submit a request to the Refunds API.

If you make a refund on an active branch subscription, then the integration on the Altegio side will be disabled within an hour — the system user will be removed from the branch and sending webhooks will be disabled.

To return by transaction, you need to pass the ID of the transaction for which you want to issue a return. You receive the transaction ID in the API response when sending information about paying for a subscription to your service.

Changing the cost/duration of an already paid subscription

If you need to change the cost or duration of a paid subscription, then you need to:

  • Cancel an existing payment.
  • Send via API new information about the payment and the duration of the subscription (or several subscriptions: one with the old price, valid until the subscription price increase, and the second with the new price, valid from the moment the price increases).