How an SMS aggregator can connect with the Altegio Marketplace

To integrate as an SMS aggregator into the marketplace, the following improvements should be made:

1. Refine the hook with message status transfer

In the hooks on the status of messages with the status “Transmitted to the operator”/“Delivered” always send the amount, currency and number of parts of the message. If the message is free or for bonus money, you need to pass a zero amount.

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2. Implement the integration activation API when registering in the partner service

When registering an Altegio user in the partner service, send to Altegio hook to activate the integration in this user's branch. As part of the hook, you must pass the API_KEY, which is used to send notifications through a partner.

Hook Documentation

3. Implement the payment API if the user pays a subscription fee (optional)

In case the service has a monthly subscription fee, it is also necessary to transfer data with each subscription payment.

Transfer documentation

4. Implement an API to transfer sender names to Altegio

When a user acquires a sender name, it is necessary to transfer a list of all names available to the user via the API to Altegio. The user will be able to select a sender name available to him from the list transmitted via API to send SMS.

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