Filling in information about the application

After placing your application in the marketplace, you can create it. This article will take a detailed look at how to do this.

How to find

In the Personal Account, in the application editing mode, go to the “About App” tab.



In this block you can upload images (maximum five) presenting the features of your application. Images must meet the following specifications:

  • Format — jpeg or png;
  • The maximum size is 12 MB;
  • Resolution — 1120×630 or higher, in 16:9 format (otherwise the edges of the image will be cut off).


Here you can place a link to a video from YouTube. In a designed application, the video will be placed first in the carousel, before all the images.

About integration

In this field you can place text describing your application. The maximum allowed text length is 3000 characters. The field supports line breaks and emojis, but not formatting.


Briefly list the main features of the application. To do this, click “Add Opportunity”. In the designed application, the listed features will be displayed as a list.

FAQ section

Provide answers to frequently asked questions about your service. In the designed application, the questions are located under each other, when you click on the question, the field with the answer opens. The maximum allowed length of a question is 100 characters, the answer is 1000. Questions and answers can be added in an unlimited number. Fields do not support emoji.

An example of a designed application