How to set up registration via iframe

What is iframe registration?

When you click on the “Connect” button, the registration page of your service will open in the “Settings” tab in the card of your application in the marketplace.

Why is such registration beneficial?

The user will be able to set up and connect your service within a single window of the Altegio marketplace. This will increase their confidence in your service (no redirects to third-party sites) and simplify the user scenario for connecting your service, which in turn will increase the conversion to user activation on the partner’s side.

How does such registration differ from regular registration through a redirect to the application site?

Only in appearance. All settings and parameters are transferred, as in normal registration, there is no need to develop anything additional.

What are the dimensions of the iframe?

There is no exact and single size, the inserted page is stretched to the full width/height.

Integration connection flow using iframe from the user side:

1. The user clicks on the “Connect” button in the application card.
2. A new tab Settings” appears in the application card, in which the link entered, the field “Registration Redirect Url” opens.
3. The block with the “Connect” / “Disconnect” button is hidden in the iframe tab.


Example of opening Altegio registration in iframe

In order to enable iframe registration in the application, you need to:

1. Go to the Developer's Personal Account.
2. Go to the application in the tab “Development settings”.
3. Check that the Registration Redirect Url” field is filled in (or fill it in). This link will subsequently open in the iframe.
4. Check the checkbox Open registration form in iframe”.
5. Save changes.


An example of filling an input with a link to Altegio registration