Altegio and Smart-Metrika: Business Intelligence in Microsoft Power BI

Possession of complete information about the state of the business, the processes within it and working with the key indicators of the company, the top management of the company will be able to make the right and most effective decisions.

The Smart-Metrika service is designed to provide accurate, regular and automatically generated reporting for business leaders and participants in operational activities.

The company was founded in 2015, consists of Microsoft-certified developers and analysts. The main principle is to focus on an individual approach to each business.

Connect reports from Smart-Metrika to:

  • Receive daily control of the entire business — reports are generated daily.
  • Avoid “human factor” errors — all reports are generated automatically.
  • Track KPIs for your business — reports are developed using features of the business.
  • Increase the quality of the customer base —  using reports on new, repeat customers, churn and return from churn, RFM-analysis.
  • Work with reports “in a new way” — the service consists of dashboards and interactive reports built on the most modern technologies of Business Intelligence.

Sample reports

Cohort analysis

2023-11-28 18.06.47.jpg

Timeslots Analytics

2023-11-28 18.06.40.jpg

2023-11-28 18.06.36.jpg

Retention and sales

2023-11-28 18.06.27.jpg

Sales and Planning

2023-11-28 18.01.44.jpg


Connecting Smart-Metrika reports

  • Create a new user account in Altegio.
  • Add a new account to all salons.
  • In the access configuration menu specify only “View” for all Altegio blocks.
  • Leave a request on the website


  • Plug-In the Business Intelligence in Microsoft Power BI integration in the Altegio Integration Store.


The integration consists of two blocks:

  • Report Development.
  • Synchronize information from Altegio to your personal cloud database.

Report development is an optional service. The created report will also work when adding new salons to the network. Payment for the development of reports is carried out once and does not depend on the number of salons for which the report is created.

Synchronization is necessary to ensure that information flows to reports on a daily basis. The cost of synchronization depends on the number of synchronized salons. The cost calculator is available on the website



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