Altegio and is a powerful global SMS gateway that allows you to send SMS with high quality and low cost.


We specialise in Notification content with fast and reliable delivery worldwide at fair rates.

Perfect use-cases are:
- Appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
- Activation of participants before an upcoming event
- Information about important changes or necessary actions

To view the price per message go to


Where can I find FAQs?

We provide a powerful knowledge base that should answer most questions related to our product and services. Please visit


Where can I get Support?

Please open a Support account on and submit a ticket. You will then be able to track progress and reply to it directly from the portal and receive immediate updates via email whenever there is new information available.

More information about our product and features can be found here:


Connection within 5 minutes

  1. Log in to the Altegio account
  2. Go to Integrations page and choose Notifications category
  3. Find app or press the link


4. On the page that opens, click the «Connect» button

5. Create an account and do the rest of the necessary steps