User roles

  1. How does it work?
  2. Setting up a new user role
  3. Editing the role and access rights of an existing user
  4. Copying access rights

In Altegio, managers and administrators can manage user access rights to important information and platform features. For example, access to client contact information and colleagues' schedules. Properly configured access rights will allow employees to work only with the necessary sections and data. Managers will no longer have to worry about protecting business-critical information.

The new User role feature allows the owner or manager of the company easily and quickly set the necessary access rights for the users.

Please note
All previously invited users are assigned roles automatically according to previously configured access rights, WITHOUT changing these access rights.

How does it work?

The role must be selected at the stage of inviting the user to the location, and can also be assigned to an existing user. In the future, access rights can be copied or roles can be changed and edited. 

Each role is assigned a certain set of recommended access rights that will be enabled automatically, as well as a set of additional rights that can be assigned if necessary.

The following roles are available for configuration:

  • Employee – provides services.
  • Administrator – responsible for bookings and their payments.
  • Accountant – responsible for the payroll.
  • Manager – manages a location.
  • Owner – has full access.

The full list of all the permissions and access rights for each role can be viewed in the Settings > System settings > Users > user > Access rights tab.

Setting up a new user role

1. In Settings — System settings — Users section, click the Invite users button.


2. Enter the Name and Phone number or Email of the user(s). If you invite an existing user(s), specify the number or email they use to log into Altegio. Click the Invite users button.


3. Below, select the user role from the list for the employee to which the user will be assigned. Note that you need to select an employee only for the “Specialist” role, in other cases you do not need to specify it. Next, configure access rights.

If these options are limited, choose a role with extended rights. Read more about editing roles and access rights in this article below.


4. Click the Send button below and select Send or Send and invite more if you want to invite other users.


Editing the role and access rights of an existing user

The user role and access rights can be changed and edited. If the user has been previously invited but has not been assigned a role, a role can also be assigned.

Editing the role

1. In the main menu, go to the Settings > System settings > Users section. Click the username and go to the Access rights tab.

2. To change the role, click on the Edit button in the Role field. If you return to the previous role, the settings will be saved.

3. To change the employee (for the “Specialist” role) who will be associated with this user, select the employee from the drop-down list. If you need to unlink an employee from a user, click on the name and select the Not selected option.

4. To grant or remove rights to a role, click on the three dots in the Access rights field and select the desired option.


5. To grant/remove all rights to a section, use the switch 5NGjgKmbiDapG70nDvrdKPUKtoXgGEIMOSwIDwFF.png

6. To add additional access rights, click on the arrow next to the switch and then expand the Additional line. In the drop-down list, select the required options or check the boxes.


7. To grant or remove access rights for a section, click on the three dots next to its name and select the required options.


8. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Copying access rights

To avoid having to set the same access rights again, you can copy them for another user. Copying rights is available both at the stage of sending an invitation and for a user already added to the location.

To copy access rights:

1. From the main menu go to the Settings > System settings > Users section.

2. Click on the username and go to the Access rights tab if the user is already added to the location. If you want to send an invitation, click on the Invite users button.

3. In the Access rights field, click on the Copy button.


Select a user from the list whose rights you want to copy. You can use the search option to find a user quickly. Click the Apply button.


The copied rights will be added to the user settings.

We are working on improving and optimizing the user roles feature.

If you do not see enough access rights in a role template, please let your manager know. You can find the contact details of your manager in the Overview > Summary section. Your suggestions will play a big role in improving this feature.