Altegio & ChatApp (WhatsApp/ Telegram/ Viber/Social networks)

Connect popular messengers and social networks with ChatApp.

ChatApp is a unified dialogue system for improving the quality of customer service through WhatsApp, Telegram bot, Telegram personal, Viber.

➕ Responsible workers in dialogues. Filter by responsible workers. Automatic distribution of dialogues between responsible workers;
➕ Opening and closing dialogues scripts;
➕ Ability to start and end a shift. Distribution of responsible workers in open dialogues;
➕Start a dialogue from messenger contacts;
➕Start a dialogue from CRM contacts;
➕Integration with CRM directly from the dialog;
➕Setting tasks from a dialogue in CRM;
➕Convenient database of typical answers directly from the dialogue;
➕Easy access to WABA templates from the dialog;
➕View feedback and rating directly in the dialog;
➕ Analytics of the work of employees;
➕Segmentation of customers into categories. Interactive tags for dialogs;
➕Roles and rights in dialogues;
➕Processing of advertising and service messages;

Automation of typical answers
➕Reactions to messages;
➕Request data from the client;
➕Collection of reviews and ratings;
➕Collecting subscribers;
➕Non-working hours;
➕LeadScanner. Scanning a message in correspondence, groups and social networks.
➕Own API for integration into a corporate or accounting system.


Connection within 5 minutes

  1. In your Altegio account go to the Integrations > Notifications and select the «ChatApp» application or press the link.
  2. On the page that opens, click the «Connect» button




Support in WhatsApp chat

Support in Telegram @chatapp_online_en


Phone (whatsApp): +77077509758

Phone Brazil +55 (21) 960104492

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Telegram chat: @chatapp_online